Genealogy Resources

Louis Faulkner
Image courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society. Used with permission.

Genealogists will find the Who Built Our Capitol website a help in discovering information about:

Family history,

Late 19th-early 20th century Minnesota history, and

Historical information about individuals who worked on the Minnesota Capitol in the form of:

Community Walks Map that contains the address and occupation of all of the individuals listed on this site and 

The Individual Stories section which has information on 700 individuals, including first and last name and Twin Cities home addresses, and for a number of people we also have their occupation, ethnic group, and small sections of other information about them. The Community Walks map also contains Google Maps-generated photographs of the homes of many of the workers if that home is still standing at present so viewing the living quarters of these people is easy to do.

We also have a newly created section called Featured Biographies. This section contains entries about individuals for whom we have found more information and/or photographs and newsclippings. 

Searching for a personal name is easy to do: simply type in the first name first and the last name second and if this individual is listed in our database, a name will appear. If only the first name is known, typing in the first name will result in all of the individuals with that first name. 

The research team will be adding more names in the near future so check back periodically.

If you have any questions regarding the site or any of the individuals on the site please contact us via our Contact Page.