Individual Stories

Edward Ecklund


1899, 1901 and 1902 City Directories. Edward worked as a blacksmith and toolmaker and his son was a messenger. Fellow Capitol workers Andrew and John Swanson and John Westland also lived here.
Andrew and John Swanson and John Westland also lived here.

Phillip Elliot


1899 and 1900 St. Paul City Directories. Phillip Elliott was a stonecutter from Georgia who came to St. Paul in 1899 with the marble. He stayed in Minnesota and moved to Sandstone to work in the quarry there. He died there in 1913 of "stone cutters phithysis" (silicosis).

William Ellis


Itinerant stone cutter William Ellis does not list an employer but two Butler-Ryan employers also live at this address, Giordano and McKenna. He was active in the Local Union while he lived in St. Paul serving as Corresponding Secretary in 1899. In the Stone Cutter's Journal of February 1898 Ellis is listed as the "tyler" (warden) of the local union in Tate, Georgia. In June of 1898 the Journal reported that he had been cleared into the St. Paul local.

Oscar J. Erickson


Dale and Bumgardner Payroll. Oscar J. Erickson, a teamster who worked for Dale and Bumgardner on the Capitol grounds, was born in Minnesota in 1873. He raised a family in St. Paul working as a teamster and eventually got a job as a fireman for the city. 372 Summit Place, where he was living in 1904, was located about here.

Victor Erickson


1905 Payroll, St. Paul City Directory and 1905 Census. Carpenter Victor Ericson (1857-1934) came from Sweden in 1885. He was first hired to work as a laborer at the Capitol in 1899 and in 1900 was working there as an iron worker. He became a carpenter and joined Local 87 in June of 1900. Ericson stayed in St. Paul raising a family here and died in 1934.

Frank Erren


Frank Erren lists his occupation as "marble cutter" in the 1898 and 1899 City Directories with no employer, however, several Capitol construction workers lived in his neighborhood, so I am assuming he worked there also. He named his occupation in the 1900 Census as "marble worker." He was born in 1852 in Michigan to German parents and lived at this address with his wife and children.