Individual Stories

Daniel Danielson


The architect's report of March 31, 1902 reported that D. Danielson had fallen a distance of 8 ft. and injured his back and hip. Daniel Danielson was Swedish laborer who was born in 1849 and emigrated in 1882.

John Davidson


Scottish bricklayer John Davidson worked on the Capitol for many years and is also in the Payroll records. He was the son of a stone cutter, born in Scotland in 1873, and emigrated with his parents in 1883. Davidson and his wife, Anna, raised a large family in St. Paul as he worked as a bricklayer. He died here in 1947.

Peter G. Diamond

1898 City Directory. Swedish stone cutter Peter Diamond was born in 1859 and came to America in 1873. He lived at this address with two other Capitol stone cutters, Daniel King and William Hamilton, the President of the Local. He had come from Pickens County, Georgia with the marble and had returned there, where he had a wife and son, by the time of the 1900 Census. The St. Paul Globe of Aug. 23, 1901 reported that Peter Diamond was dying of "consumption" (probably actually silicosis) in an Atlanta hospital.

Josie Dixon


Payroll for cleaning July 1905. Josephine Dixon (or Dickson) was born in Minnesota in 1884 to German parents, John and Elizabeth Scharff. She worked on the cleaning crew at the Capitol in July of 1905. Elizabeth Scharff also worked on the crew. Josie's mother and sister also lived at this house in 1905, both named Elizabeth Scharff.