Individual Stories

James Coyne


1905 Payroll, City Directory and Census. James Coyne was born in 1875 in Maine of Irish parents. He worked as a "fireman" on the steam powered machinery at the Capitol and by the 1910 Census he was an engineer. We believe he died in St. Paul in 1944.

William Curry


Payroll of March and April 1904. Carpenter William Curry was born in Minnesota in 1860. When he was 21 and living with his parents on their farm in Farmington, Minnesota, John Boland, supervisor for the Capitol Commission, was living next door. They must have kept in touch over the years. Boland's son, Henry, was Curry's partner for the work they did in 1904.

August Dahlin


1905 Payroll and St. Paul City Directory. August Dahlin was born in Sweden about 1871 and moved to America in 1892. He was a member of Carpenters Local 87 while in St. Paul but by 1920 he had moved to Washington and had become a farmer.

John Dahlin

John Dahlin ("Delen" in the 1898 CD ) was born in Sweden in 1871 and came to America in 1889. He married Jennie Nelson (1871-1965) on September 14, 1895 in St. Paul. The couple had three children, Oscar Leonard (1896-1988), David H. (born in 1898) and Amy Marie, (born in 1908).

Although John Dahlin is identified as a "polisher" when he was working for Butler-Ryan in 1898, he said he was a carpenter in the 1900 Census. He continued working as a carpenter and raised a family in St. Paul. He died around 1950 at the age of 79.

John Dale


Dale and Bumgardner Payroll. John Dale was a partner in Dale and Bumgardner, the firm which did the grading of the Capitol grounds. He was born in England in 1844 and came to the U.S. in 1865. John married his wife, Sarah, in St. Paul and they raised a family here.