Individual Stories

Matthew Conroy


1902 City Directory. Matthew Conroy was born in Minnesota of Irish parents in 1871. Though he worked as a laborer on the Capitol in 1902 he gave his occupation as structural iron worker in the 1905 Census. Charles Nelson also lived at this address.

John Corrigan

Newspaper accounts. Known by numerous last names:

John Corigan,

John McMahon,

John Corrigon, and

John Corrington,

John Corrigan had only been employed as a laborer at the Capitol for a few days when he fell on June 25, 1903 and died. He was single and only 19 years old . In spite of intensive efforts on the part of the research team, the exact location of his grave is unknown.

Albert S Corwin


1899 and 1900 City Directory: Purdy and Hutcheson employee. Albert Samual Corwin (1861-1940) was an Irish born stone carver who came to this country with his family in 1864. He was active member in the Stonecutters Union. and the March 1898 Stonecutters' Journal notes that Corwin was in Tate, Georgia at that time. He came here in 1899 to work on the Capitol and stayed in St. Paul raising his family here though he traveled throughout the country and Canada for his work.

Albert Corwin (right), Herman Schlink (center) and Frank Schlink (left), brother to Herman and rough carver, on steps of the Swan J. Turnblad mansion, ca 1908. Herman Schlink was the master craftsman for all the exterior stone carving on the Turnblad home, which is now the American Swedish Institute.
American Swedish Institute
Albert Corwin and Schlink brothers, Turnblad mansion, ca 1908
Herman Schlink, stone sculptor for the Turnblad mansion, (left) with his brother, Frank Schlink (center), who helped with the rough carving, and carver Albert Corwin, (right), ca 1908.
American Swedish Institute
ulpture, keystone over main entrance by ALbert Corwin, 9-1-1900
Winged Victory sculpture carved by Albert Corwin for the keystone above the main entrance to the State Capitol.
Image courtesy of Thomas Blanck and Associates. Used with permission. Photograph by Haas & Co., Sept. 1, 1900
Corwin and others carvers, Parliament Building, Winnipeg, 1918
Corwin and other stonecutters pose with column capitals they carved for the Parliament Building in Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1918.
Stone Cutters Journal, May 1918

Daniel Cotter


Dale and Bumgardner Payroll. Daniel Cotter was born in 1863 in Ireland. He worked for Dale and Bumgardner grading the Capitol grounds in 1904. Cotter was a charter member of Teamsters Local 120 and was active in the union. He and his wife Mary lived for many years, and raised their family in St. Paul. 909 Fauquier no longer exists but would have been about here.

John Coughlin


John Coughlin (1840-1920) worked as a mason tender on the Capitol. He emigrated from Ireland in 1871. He was active in the union and according to a report in the Union Advocate he served on the committee to negotiate a new contract in 1902.

John Covington


Dale and Bumgardner Payroll. John B. Covington was born in Virginia in 1856 and moved to Minnesota in about 1891. He worked as a blacksmith for a time though he was a team owner in 1904 when he worked on the Capitol. He was an early member of Teamsters Local 120 and was active in the union. He also was active in the Democratic Party and receive the endorsement of Local 120 when he ran for the State Assembly in 1902.

Charles Cox


1905 Payroll and Census. In 1905 Charles Cox was only 15 and worked cleaning the exterior marble at the Capitol. His step-father, John Foley, was also a Butler Bros, employee.