Fatality Records

Minnesota Capitol Report-John Corigan Dies in Fall

In this construction report, the death of John Corigan was recorded. Corigan was moving a wheel barrow filled with debris along a scaffold when the tire of wheel barrow struck a post, sending both the wheel barrow and Corigan to the floor below, killing him instantly. John Corrigan was the last individual to be killed while working on the capitol construction site.

Minnesota Capitol Report-Alfred Magnuson Dies in Fall

This document very briefly mentions a "man who fell from the senate wall." This individual was Swedish immigrant Alfred Magnuson. Magnuson was born in Sweden in April 1877 and immigrated to the US in 1896. He fell while setting a truss in the Senate chamber and fractured his skull. His grave is located in Union Cemetery, Maplewood, Minnesota.  

Minnesota Capitol Report-Death of Florian Zauner, details

This report gives the details surrounding the death of Florian Zauner. He also fell from scaffolding and hit a metal beam with his shoulder as he fell. The impact severed his arm and he died on impact. Florian Zauner, born in April 1860, was a German immigrant who worked as a laborer on the work site. He lived with an uncle on Water Street in Saint Paul. His grave site is unknown.

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