04-Emmett Butler Memoir-Chapter Four

Butler Family, Walter Butler, 1858-1933
Walter Butler was born on July 6, 1858 in Lakeville, Minnesota. He attended Carleton College in Northfield and moved to Saint Paul 1880, and became a bricklayer. His brothers followed suit and Walter, William, and Cooley formed a partnership c.1887. Their first big contract was Macalester College in Saint Paul. Walter Butler married twice: Rose Sweeny in 1884. They had 5 children. After her death in 1901, Walter married Helen Wood in October 1902. Walter Butler passed away on October 28, 1933.




 Chapter Contents

  • Operation of Butler Brothers Construction Company, 1890-1894
  • Founding of Butler-Ryan Construction in 1894
  • Butler Brothers Construction and worker safety-how they built a smokestack more safely
  • Listing of Butler Brothers projects
  • August Lenzer


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